Broaden your ability to take on larger cases, get to the essential facts in the discovery process faster, and let your team focus on real legal work.



Broaden your ability to take on larger cases, get to the essential facts in the discovery process faster, and let your team focus on real legal work.


G4Coastal helps lawyers do what lawyers do best.

Since each case is unique, we understand the importance of applying the appropriate human and technology resources required to successfully achieve desired recall and reduce the cost of each of your discovery projects.  G4Coastal is technology independent, ensuring a frictionless review processes, while integrating with your firm’s or legal department’s workflows. This is why we have world-class technology partners such as Relativity, DISCO, and RelativityOne. Our team has vast experience reviewing cases in a variety of proprietary review technologies as well.

Technology Partners

Multiply Your Efficiency and Lower Costs

G4Coastal’s service and CS Disco’s industry-leading software will change the way you approach cases from start to finish.

Legal Requests

Automate response compliance for legal requests like service of process requests, subpoenas, and law enforcement requests — all from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Legal Holds

Automate the manual work necessary to comply with preservation requirements, letting you preserve data, notify custodians, track holds with a defensible audit trail, and collect data when ready – all from a single interface.


Find evidence more quickly and effectively with advanced yet easy-to-use ediscovery software, which scales from small investigations to the largest, most complex litigation today.

Managed Review

We’ve partnered with DISCO to create a review strategy that lets you stop worrying about looming deadlines, write-offs, and burning out your team. This technology-driven process allows our team to blaze through document reviews and identify relevant information up to 60% faster than the industry average. We have expert attorney review teams domestic and international ready to serve our clients

Case Builder

The Case Builder is changing the way case teams leverage depositions by automating everything low-value, redundant, and siloed about deposition review and trial preparation today, and making high-value work easier — giving attorneys more time to develop case strategy and win.

Tech Review

Our cutting-edge technology allows you to sift through mountains of data for the most relevant points for your case, ensuring you have the best information behind your strategy. Advanced AI can review your documents in moments, extracting only what you need and excising the redundant.


Your forensics collection process needs to include all information exchanged via emails, text messages, mobile chat applications, and collaboration platforms. We broaden your search and ensure compliant preservation in our own certified digital environments, or work with you to implement internal preservation.


Our highly advanced, simple-to-use software lets you upload complaints or other legal documents and generate a timeline in minutes. AI-driven filters can narrow your timeline by evidence, tags witness, and more. Timeline software syncs across the entire app suite, allowing you to edit timelines from the document viewer, adding documents or creating facts as you review.

Data Hosting & Security

Technology standards are often overlooked in the legal industry, but we aim to break that convention. Our hosting maintenance & security protocols exceed common standards, ensuring you benefit from the added functionality of our flagship tools with no new weak points open to data loss or security breaches.

G4 Coastal creates custom solutions that enhance what your team can do.

With cutting-edge technology and industry know-how, we’ll increase your firm’s competitiveness immediately–without a lengthy on-boarding process.

legal requests made easy from a single platform

Legal Requests

Compliance made easy

Automatically classify legal requests, subpoenas, and SOPs by type. Route requests to the right team member according to workload, monitor response deadlines, and track response acknowledgments & receipts easily.

Full audit logs and reports capture all activity, and are easy to review and export at any time. A secure link portal ensures full compliance with legal response requirements.

Self-service integrations make implementation fast and easy for your entire team–and completely frees IT staff from the legal response. Our cloud-based technology centralizes all workflows and playbooks for the legal team in a single interface, accessible and executable anywhere, anytime.

Intuitive workflows are tailored for law enforcement and subpoena response teams to manage every step in the processing chain go up to 75% faster. A self-service administration panel gives access to non-IT members, easing workload.

Legal Holds

Seamless preservation compliance

Instantly locate custodians across data sources, groups, and holds in seconds using integrations with Active Directory, Google Directory, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors.

Preserve data in place with a single click using automated integrations with enterprise applications like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack, and easily collect, preview, and export it.

Achieve and maintain compliance with your legal hold and ediscovery collections policies quickly and defensibly. Review and export complete audit trails at any time protected by modern security best practices.

Seamlessly collect, ingest, enrich, review, produce, and present your data on an intuitive legal platform designed to support the entire litigation lifecycle.

Maintain control of ever-evolving legal holds easily from a single interface. With just a couple of clicks, you can send reminders, add or release custodians, send and track updated notices, review audit trails, and close matters.

Let IT know when it’s time to preserve, or image to preserve, device data in just a couple of clicks. Stay on the same page with IT throughout the process with complete audit logs.

easily track custodians and status for all documents

Managed Review

Real legal experts, augmented by AI

Trust G4Coastal to accelerate review of your most critical documents. With AI-driven technology, expert reviewers, and guaranteed pricing you’ll never look at the review process the same way.

Tech-optimized: Using DISCO, Relativity, RelativityOne we tailor the best review technology, AI, analytics and through our teams expertise to consistently deliver reviews on time and on budget.

Expertise: Your reviews are safe in our hands. Our expert attorney review teams are experienced in many review technologies, allowing them to surface key facts faster and deliver higher-quality reviews.

Predictable & reliable: With G4Coastal doing the heavy lifting, you can put your efforts where they’re needed most. Our increased speed and accuracy offer an unprecedented advantage in managed reviews: predictable timelines and pricing.

Use your time for winning case strategy, not paperwork.

Lawyers’ real work is advising clients and developing winning arguments. G4Costal provides solutions powered by leading technologies to elevate Quality Control, get you up to speed faster and instill the confidence in your work product. No more, do lawyers need to get bogged down reviewing each document, line by line, to achieve desired discovery outcomes. We will show you how.


Case Builder

Collaborative and cloud-based

Organize your evidence and testimonies in one place where your entire team can work together from start to completion of your legal matter. Collaboratively build a winning case narrative with the most significant facts and information.

Review depositions with their complete context: transcripts, automatically synchronized videos, exhibits, and more – all in one intuitive view.

Make strategic use of deposition videos in your case from day one with automatic, no-cost video synchronization to the transcripts.

Prepare transcripts, videos, Bluebook-formatted excerpts, and work product in seconds for use in deposition preparation, motion practice, or trial.

powerful ediscovery with AI assist to increase speed and accuracy

Tech Review

Accelerated fact-finding

Our technology leading ediscovery platforms give you the ability to instantly access and parse your entire case database, whether it contains thousands or millions of documents. These powerful applications allow the use of revolutionary AI assistant, developed from 8 years of learnings; combining generative AI, large language models, and advanced search technologies.

Now that you have the capability of answering natural language questions about your specific database, imagine the time savings you will recognize over doing linear reviews across large document sets. We will assist you with building more value and profitability for your future projects.


Thoroughly examining all sources

With industry-leading technology and expert professionals, we are able to delve far beneath the surface of available data. Digital forensic analysis allows us to extract the story beyond the raw information.

Remote and on-site evidence collection

Mobile device collection & analysis

Cross-border collection & compliance

Data Extraction from Social Media Platforms: Slack, Facebook, Instagram & What’s App

Custodian-interview support


Instantly generate and collaborate

CS DISCO’s revolutionary technology lets you generate and edit case timelines faster than ever. Once created, you can instantly add documents and facts to your timeline, and share with your team .

Automatically highlighted sections let you review and confirm the AI’s work

Find what you need fast, searching across all facts and notes with Westlaw-style search syntax.

Seamlessly work with your team on a single timeline, and securely access your timeline from any connected.

Data Hosting & Security

Focus on your case, not your firewall

Your time should be spent creating winning case strategy, not worrying about your data’s security. Our enterprise-level security is continually updated to prevent the latest types of cyberattack to let you and your team stick to legal work.

ISO 27001 Certified

Privacy Shield Certified

ITAR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Like having an extra team member

This powerful AI was specifically designed for legal applications, and to process the facts and context of your cases – so you’ll get answers you would expect from a member of your actual case team.

Useful & user-friendly

Simply ask a question in your own words, and you’ll receive a relevant answer based on all the available data that also automatically highlights each supporting document.

Deep learning

Your AI guide is integrated with DISCO’s proprietary Ediscovery platform that works with cases comprised of millions or tens of millions of documents, email, messages, and other potential evidence.

We Can Accelerate Your Business.

Let us know how we can empower your team, and we’ll reach out with more details.