Law Firms: Meaningful COST SAVINGS without compromising the quality of service provided to clients

Technology Integrations: Investing in the right technology can streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce redundancy for tasks which firms currently perform manually. Consider implementing case management software, document automation tools, and eDiscovery platforms. From top ranked AmLaw firms to Solos, it’s their process holding them back from achieving greater efficiencies, not budgets.

  • eDiscovery Challenge:   Attorneys are not comfortable selling the value of technology to their clients, such as reviewing discovery documents using an eDiscovery platform. Many attorneys don’t believe they can bill their clients based on the cost allocation of these tools. It is especially difficult for them to conceive billing them for eDiscovery technology for less document intensive matters. Instead, attorneys are PDFing hundreds or even a thousand emails and reading through each one. Many attorney hours are not recovered because they rarely bill clients for 100% of their manual and linear reviews.
  • eDiscovery Solution:  It is critical for the growth of any firm’s bottom line that attorneys educate their existing and prospective clients on the efficiencies of applying cutting edge technology to clients’ matters to best manage costs, and have quality control. There are numerous document review technology options and some providers offer annual subscriptions or transactional charges which are typically priced on the amount of hosted data each case requires. Firms will likely base their decision on subscribing to a document review technology vs. paying by case based on the consistency of data they needed hosted throughout the year.

  • Case Management Challenge:  Many firms have incredible attorneys and experienced legal staff, but are manually building exhibits and timelines, sifting through depositions and using sticky notes and file folders.
  • Case Management Solution:  Automating these tasks will free up resources and allow firms to take on more work without hiring additional employees, turning away work, or bringing in co-counsel for a piece of the pie. Not all Case Management solutions are created equally. Many solutions will pay for themselves a couple times over throughout the fiscal year. Find a tool that meets your needs while providing hands-on support. The most coveted resource is TIME. We can all improve here.

  • Document Management System Challenge:  Have you been working on a matter that’s time-sensitive and emailed colleagues, trying to find a document or file? It’s a real pain when this happens and difficult to repurpose good work product.
  • Document Management Solution:  Deadlines are inherent in the legal industry, making it more critical to ensure information is readily accessible. Leading firm executives implore their Partners to embrace this concept and invest in their time to be trained and adopt this best practice. In the short-term, it’s like herding cats. In the long-run, the benefits are exponential. Imagine being able to increase productivity, enhance team collaboration in the office or remotely, and in a secure environment. Find a solution that integrates with your firm’s current tech-stack and try to stay away from technology that doesn’t have an open API.

Continuous Process Improvement:  Foster a culture of continuous improvement within the firm, encouraging staff to identify inefficiencies and propose solutions for optimization. A number of firms form committees to drive these initiatives and measure progress. This leads to a happier firm environment for all, increased profits and higher retention of Legal Administrators, Associates and young Partners.

It’s challenging for most of us to break out of our comfort zone, be it eating healthy, working out, or making time for loved ones. It is the same discipline firms must exercise in order to operate at a higher level.

If one client requiring legal counsel had a choice between your firm and anther firm, would they choose yours or the alternative? Why? Excellence isn’t comfortable.

Wishing everyone great success in your journey to make your work life more efficient and profitable!